Why Ceramic Pro?


Ceramic Pro uses state of the art nanotechnology to add a protective coating to your vehicle’s exterior. It will protect your paint from staining, UV damage, bugs, dirt and debris and has hydrophobic properties making your car a breeze to clean.

Leader in paint protection

Ceramic Pro is the leader in paint protection in the automotive industry and here at M22 Detailing, we’ve been working with them from the start. Our technicians are experts at installing Ceramic Pro. If you’ve been searching for the best paint protection the Grand Traverse area has to offer, than Ceramic Pro at M22 Detailing is your answer.


We offer several Ceramic Pro packages including Ceramic Pro Sport that is our entry level package and comes with a six month warranty, Ceramic Pro Bronze that includes a 2-year warranty, Ceramic Pro Silver that has a 5-year warranty and Ceramic Pro Gold that has a lifetime warranty. Ceramic Pro is also Carfax approved! Learn more about our packages here

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